What is ACT Engage?

ACT Engage measures factors that influence your success in college: how disciplined you are about completing your work, how you get along with others, and how you manage your behavior and emotions.

How can ACT Engage help me?

Your ACT Engage scores will help you understand your strengths and identify areas you need to develop to maximize your success in college. The tools on the following page will help you develop your skills.

How do I prioritize which skills I need to develop further?

Focus on the scores listed under “Make plans for improvement” on your ACT Engage Student Report. These are your lowest scores and would benefit most from development. (If you don’t have any scores in that section, focus on the lowest scores listed under the section labeled “Continue to develop your skills.”)

If you scored low on many scales and would like assistance in creating or prioritizing a plan of action, contact an advisor from your student services office.